How To Naturally Lower Cholesterol

Learn how to naturally lower cholesterol with diet. This and other natural ways to lower cholesterol have been proven scientifically to be effective.

I am continually amazed at how little doctors will tell their patients about how to naturally lower cholesterol. It seems like the first thing they think of is, which medications will work and then they expect the individual to just go along with that.

When it comes to lowering cholesterol this is ridiculous because it is so easy to lower cholesterol naturally. With the use of a good diet to lower cholesterol you will make a quick improvement in your lipid readings.

The number one key in how to naturally lower cholesterol is a high fiber diet that is low in saturated fats. Check out our page on superfoods to learn more about this.

A diet that is high in fiber actually contains natural substances that help flush the cholesterol out of your body as well as keeping it from producing more cholesterol. However, if you are like most of us, when you diet, you cut way back on calories, which also includes a corresponding cut in the nutrition that you consume.

Keeping The Body Running Smoothly

When I was first learning how to naturally lower cholesterol, I put myself on a very strict low fat diet. After three months, my weight was down 30 pounds and my cholesterol and triglycerides were also down substantially. However, I began having other physical symptoms due to the lack of fat in my diet.

Fats are important, but avoid saturated fats and trans fats. Also, nutritional supplements are essential when dieting since most people do not get adequate amounts of nutrients when attempting to lose weight.

Read our Tips For Lowering Cholesterol for a quick view of what you can easily do to bring down those cholesterol levels.

The Bottom Line

The point here is that most people donít need medication to lower their cholesterol. What they do need is good diet to lower cholesterol that will provide an increase in healthy fats as well as fiber.

The combinations of soluble fiber that is found in the foods that help lower cholesterol and a decrease in saturated fat intake is a recipe for success. For many people just increasing the amount of fiber in their diet will stabilize the cholesterol at healthy levels.

If you are looking for an effective supplement for lowering your cholesterol, you can learn about Lipi-Rite here. Lipi-Rite is an all natural product containing plant sterols and other natural ingredients that have scientific research supporting their ability to lower cholesterol levels.

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